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Highly Experienced. Based in Steeton & Skipton.


I’d firstly like to tell you a bit about how I came to be a therapist.  

Like many people, I have experienced some heartache and difficulty in my personal life.  Either I myself or those very close to me have experienced marriage break up, divorce, sexual abuse, trauma, abusive and controlling relationships, loss, PTSD, self harm and suicidal thoughts, long term depression, substance misuse and addiction.

At the lowest points in my life I have felt lonely and isolated; as if no one would be able to help me or understand what I was going through, guilty and ashamed, overwhelmed and desperate, highly stressed, anxious, afraid and panicky, exhausted and ill.  

I understand how these problems make it difficult to maintain a normal life.

What changed for me?

Well – I reached out and found people to talk to – good friends and loving family, yes, but also people from outside who could give me the space I needed to tell my story and make sense of how I was feeling and behaving.

At key points in my life I found counsellors or psychotherapists who listened and helped me.

That therapy transformed my life.

I found my own self worth. I learned to be assertive. I learned not to take responsibility for things that did not belong to me. I let go of guilt and shame. I realised the strength I had and I took control of those things that I could. I began to understand myself – and accept and appreciate myself. I healed.

This is the personal background I brought with me as I began training as a therapist – along with a passion to help others as I was helped.

How I can help you

If we work together, I will work with you as an individual – using a mixture of counselling skills, psychotherapy (including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and hypnotherapy. I will provide a safe, confidential environment in which you can talk about anything you want, however difficult.

I will listen carefully, non-judgmentally and with respect. Together we will explore the issues you face and begin to find a way forward that is right for you. I can help you understand yourself, tell your story and find your strength.

My Experience

  • Member of the professional body The National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP)
  • ‘Rewind Technique’ practitioner
  • Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

My Education

  • Level 5 diploma in Psychotherapy with CBT
  • Level 5 diplomas in Hypnotherapy
  • Specialist training in treating trauma and PTSD

I specialise in the following areas.

Trauma Recovery

If you feel you, or someone you love, are suffering from the impact of trauma I can help.


Anxiety can be incredibly destructive to live with. If you are suffering, I can help.


Hypnotherapy can be applied to many psychological, emotional and physical disorders.

"Nicky - thank you so much for your support. I feel I can move forward and for now I can face the challenges and the ghosts of my past."


"I was introduced to Nicky in 2015 by a friend who recommended her. I have to say I owe this friend a lot as I was in a really bad place physically and mentally. Nicky helped me in so many ways. She is kind, patient and so caring. She is really good at what she does. I am now the person who recommends her to others."


"I was lucky enough to have met Nicky when she had just qualified as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. I was at the very lowest point in my life and I am so relieved that I met her then because she helped me through a very dark and difficult time. And helped me to look at things from a more positive point of view instead of the constant negativity that I was seeing in everything and everyone. I have suffered with depression all my adult life and seen various counsellors in my life and I personally have never found any of them to be of any help to me at all. In fact they made me feel worse as I talked about my problems, the counsellor just nodded, I cried a lot and always left feeling worse than before I went for my appointment. I never felt any of that in any of my sessions with Nicky, in fact I couldn't believe the hour had passed by so quickly and was disappointed that I'd have to wait another week to be able to see her again. Nicky is such a lovely person and so easy and comfortable to talk to about anything. She never judges you, never looks down on you. I always felt so at ease talking to her about the most difficult tragedies I'd gone though in my life and yes I cried in almost every session but, I always left feeling relaxed and more at peace with myself each time. I also had some hypnotherapy sessions with Nicky and to be honest when we first discussed me having hypnotherapy, I did think of the scenes you see on T.V with people running around on stage imitating a chicken lol. But it is absolutely nothing like that at all. It is so calming and relaxing and that is made more so because of the calmness and softness of Nicky's voice and just feeling so comfortable and safe in her hands. Nicky and the psychotherapy and hypnotherapy helped me so so much with my depression, my grief, my loss, and my anxiety. It also helped me with my self esteem and self worth too. And to put into perspective that the things that had happened to me from being a child were not my fault and ..... I AM ENOUGH !!! 😊"


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National Council of Psychotherapists
National Council of Psychotherapists

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