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I understand personally how severe anxiety interferes with normal life and how it grows until it can feel like a problem that can’t be solved.

A certain amount of anxiety helps us to be more alert and focused. For example just prior to an exam, a few exam nerves have a positive effect – motivating us, helping us focus our thoughts on the job in hand and making us more alert. Too much anxiety, or constantly being anxious, is very unhealthy and detrimental to our lives and relationships.

Anxiety is the body’s way of responding to being in danger. Adrenaline is rushed into our bloodstream to enable us to run away or fight. This happens whether the danger is real, or whether we believe the danger is there when actually there is none. It is the body’s alarm and survival mechanism. Primitive man wouldn’t have survived for long without this life-saving response. It works so well, that it often kicks in when it’s not needed – when the danger is in our heads rather than in reality.

When we get anxious we tend to get into scanning mode – constantly on the lookout for danger, hyper-alert to any of the signals, and that makes it more likely that the alarm system will be activated.

Anxiety is a threefold problem – anxiety thoughts, physical sensations and anxiety behaviours (usually avoidance). Unfortunately – without intervention – these tend to become a vicious cycle – each one feeding into the others and making them worse.

Most Common Types of Anxiety

Health Anxiety

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Panic Attacks

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Social Anxiety

Anxiety can be incredibly destructive to live with.

If you are suffering, I can help. Both psychotherapy – particularly using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy –and hypnotherapy are very effective for treating anxiety. I use both of these approaches coupled with the understanding that there are many other strategies and techniques to help you holistically such as mindfulness and self care.

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